About Us

Fundline Finance Corporation

Fundline Finance Corporation (FFC) exists to bridge the capital and needs of the marginalized Filipinos for more than 20 years. Now, with its growing network of 144 branches FFC takes pride to be a leading microlending and motorcycle financing company with the mission to provide a stable and reliable financial services that would impact the quality of life and living of every Filipino – along with its rich and dedicated human resource, the company and its partners strive to make this happen to every client it serves, guided by its four core values.


Although well-established throughout the country. Fundline Finance Corporation continues to seek out opportunities to build its market share, especially in regions it had penetrated from its early beginnings. Its goals include increasing contract dealership from its current portfolio as well as developing new relationship with traditional and non-traditional motorcycle dealers.


Our vision is to be the leading financing company that best addresses the business capital needs of the right kind of clients thereby becoming an active agent in the economic development of the Philippines.


We Strive to be the best choice in financing for honest entrepreneurs and business owners in the country. Anchored by our key principles, we will provide highest quality service to our valued customers by meeting the financial needs of their growing business and more. We aim to expand and create a stable multi-division corporation under the fundline Group of Companies:

  • Fundlite : offers affordable and accessible loans to microentrepreneurs
  • Fundcycle : offers better motorcycle financing deal than direct motorcycle dealers
  • Fundlife : to offer capital loans to aspiring entrepreneurs for their startup businesses
  • Fundline : to offer loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs )

PRINCIPLES we live by

The Fundline brand tells a story encompassing everything that sets it apart and different from other companies. We ensure a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Fundline is not just about the logo, product or services it offer, or the taglines or cappaigns. It rather anchors its institutional values on the foregoing principles which every young men and women of this country lives his/ her life on a daily basis. Everyone at Fundline is conscious that these values are not just ideals or concepts but as a whole, is its own way of life. Everyone is a role model, a testimony of these core principles.

Because we take PRIDE in our NAME:

  • Passion : is about having that powerful emotion and boundless enthusiasm for something that is desired deeply.
  • Respect : means we accept differences in each other rather than criticize. We respect varying opinions, diverse affiliations and even conflicting points of view or outlook in work, or even life, in general.
  • Integrity : is our firm adherence to the established code of ethics of the company. It encompasses our trustworthiness, honesty, fairness and professionalism. It means keeping our word and doing what we say we will do.
  • Dependability : means doing what we will do. When we area given a task or project, we take responsibility for the following through and ensuring that the job gets done.
  • Excellence : is our ideal state of possessing good qualities in a distinguished degree and superiority in virtue. For us, it is a journey rather than a destination.
  • Nationalism : means recognizing that we area part of a greater entity - the nation. As a responsible member of it, we are taking conscious efforts to be a catalyst of change for its development.
  • Altruism : means we always consider the greater good and welfare of the entire organization and its stakeholders and not our alone.
  • Motivation : is what drives us to get things done. We have clear ideas of what motivates us to perform beyond what is expected of us.
  • Equity : implies that we provide fair access to financial assistance to the right kind of clients so they can use it for productive business capital needs.

Here at FUNDLINE, we integrate social and environmental concerns in our business operations and in our interaction with the stakeholders on a voluntary basis. Corporate Social Responsibilitiy ( CSR ) is central to our core values. We conduct our business in an ethical and responsible way and we've invested in a number of initiatives that will help maintain our commitment to the development of the community.

FUNDLINE CARES is a comprehensive program that includes a number of assistance and services provided by the company to our clients, our employees and the communities we serve and live in. The program is designed to realize our company's patriotism and compassion; translate into action our principles of Altruism and Equity and solidify our commitment to corporate social responsibility and national development.

For Employees

  • Financial assistance during accident or injury. Employees who are injured as a result of an accident on their way to and from work or during performance of their official tasks are insured for loss of earnings.
  • Medical assistance during sickness and serious illnesses. Employees who are diagnosed with serious illnesses will be assisted by the company for loss of earnings.
  • Relief goods during calamity and natural disasters. Employees affected by natural calamities and other acts of God will be provided with loot bags containing necessities during crises.
  • Financial assistance during death/bereavement. In the event of death of an employee or his/her immediate family member, employees will be given monetary support.
  • Counseling and consultancy. Employees with emotional problems, career and personal concerns will have a point person to talk to and consult with, and confidentiality shall be strictly observed.
  • Family Day Special events and activities will be conducted to allow employees to bond with their families.

For Clients

  • Medical and dental mission. Fundline booths manned with doctors, medical practitioners and volunteers shall be placed in certain areas where clients can avail of free medical and dental services.
  • Product giveaways and freebies. Valued clients will receive Fundline items and giveaways that they can use to improve their respective businesses.
  • Scholarship grants. Fundline will sponsor outstanding children of clients and support their education through stipend, tuition fee subsidy, book and uniform allowance.
  • Enterprise development and Cooperatives. Clients with promising businesses and exemplary products will be organized to form cooperatives and enterprise development projects.

For Communities

  • Clean up Drive. Employee-volunteers will regularly conduct clean up drives in certain barangays where Fundline operates.
  • Donations to Public Schools. The company will identify recipient schools where books, equipment and other school items can be donated.
  • Event Sponsorship. Fundline will sponsor relevant events and activities for the youth by donating items, food and/or lifestyle and sports equipment.
  • Tree planting. Tree planting activities will be conducted in key areas every year in partnership with local government units.
  • Corporate Build for housing. Fundline will actively send off volunteers to assist partner- organizations in their housing projects for the poor.
  • Tie up with ministries and charitable institutions. Tie-up projects with ministries and charitable institutions will be staged to celebrate milestones and company events to them more meaningful.